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First off, I would like to would like to express my sympathy to those affected by the terrible earthquake that hit Chile this past weekend.
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In part 1 of this 2-part piece I introduced and defined some of the terms relating to identity assurance. In this last piece I intend to illustrate identity assurance's intersection with real-life through some examples.
In this 2-part article, I hope to explain the importance of identity assurance in everyday life. I will first level set on terms and definitions in part 1, and then illustrate with real-life examples in part 2.
On Thursday January 7, 2010 (last week), I had the privilege of representing Kantara Initiative, in my role as Chair of the Identity Assurance[1] Work Group (also proxying for the Healthcare Identity Assurance Work Group) as a panelist in the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) Workgroup hearings.
In the midst of the holiday season, and with the anticipation and emotion that comes with the end of the year approaching, I have decided to write my first blog - an early new year's resolution perhaps. I must state that I have resisted the urge to blog for the last three years of my career for two reasons: on one end, I feared starting to blog and then dropping off and being inconsistent (just ...
Press Release Little Ferry, NJ --- Frank Villavicencio, a known expert in the Identity & Access Management space, has joined Identropy as Executive Vice President to advance the definition and lead the execution of Identropy’s managed identity services solutions strategy and business model.