SCUID Lifecycle

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before …

Q: When does an organization truly benefit from the cost-savings, security, and compliance benefits of Identity Management?

A: When there is rampant adoption of the IDM platform and users don’t circumvent the process by running to IT or Help Desk administrators out-of-band.

Q: Why do people do that?

A: Because most IDM user interfaces FREAKING SUCK!!

Q: Why do most IDM programs fail?

A: Because they cost too much to implement and take too long to get off the ground.

Q: Why is that?

A: You have to buy hardware, software, lots and lots of consulting, pay annual maintenance, and hire administrators.  And the first phase can take over a year, by which time most sponsors have lost patience (and credibility).

There is a Better Way

SCUID Lifecycle is an IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) platform that can help you get successful fast with your IDM needs.  It’s a full-featured platform that can tackle your requirements around automated provisioning and de-provisioning, self-service access request with approval workflows, and compliance and attestation. Because it’s delivered as a SaaS application, you can get bootstrapped quickly and start realizing business value within two months.

More importantly, the user interface has been designed purely with non-technical people in mind. It’s intuitive to use with little to no formal training so that your users can quickly figure out what tasks they need to take care of, and get on with their day.

Easy to Deploy

SCUID Lifecycle is a SaaS application.  You don’t have to worry about spending a couple of months buying hardware and installing software.  You don’t have to worry about setting up a redundant high-availability architecture.  You don’t have to set up development and test and production instances of your IDM system. All of this happens instantly when you sign up for SCUID Lifecycle.

You also don’t have to worry about spending six months or more with systems integrators to model workflows and hardwire connectors to your target systems.  SCUID Lifecycle comes pre-configured with an entire battery of processes, connectors and workflows based  on best practices developed from over 150 successful IDM implementations.  Your “implementation” consists of picking and choosing the templates you want and mapping your entities (users, managers, approvers, auditors, and the like) to those workflows.

Easy to Use

The SCUID Lifecycle UI makes things easy for every user.  Whether it’s an end-user that is only interested in resetting a password or requesting access to a new application, or a CISO that wants quick visibility into who has access to high-risk applications.  We recognize that our UI is not the main focus of your job and we make it easy for you to figure out what you need to get done and quickly get back to your day job.

Easy to Pay For

With SCUID Lifecycle, you don’t have to buy hardware, software, lots and lots of services, and pay annual maintenance.  You also don’t need to hire staff to maintain your IDM system. Instead, you pay a minimal startup cost and a monthly subscription fee of a few dollars per user per month (even less for customers of over a few thousand users).

In most instances, the TCO of SCUID Lifecycle is roughly 10% – 15% of traditional IDM solutions.


Random Text

"While our relationship with Identropy is still in its infancy I have found that their culture is very similar to ours. They care about their clients and they want to do things the right way. They have been easy to work with and are flexible. We are hoping that working with Identropy is a strategic partnership in the IAM space for years to come." - Identropy Customer