SCUID Operations

Going Live is Just the Starting Line

Regardless of whether you’re using SCUID Lifecycle or your own on-prem IDM solution (Quest One Identity Manager, Net IQ  Identity Manager, or Courion Account Courier), going live is just the start of the journey. You still need to maintain and enhance your IDM system as the months roll on. There are patches to apply, enhancements to be made to workflows, and new connectors to roll out.

And you need to have your fingers on the pulse of your IDM infrastructure.  What’s working?  What’s not working?  Where are the bottlenecks? What workflows seem to be stalling?  Which applications take the longest to de-provision (leading to additional risk in your infrastructure)?

SCUID Operations can shine a bright spotlight on your IDM infrastructure and help you answer those questions. For customers that are taking advantage of SCUID Operations for their on-premise infrastructure, we offer the following benefits.  For SCUID Lifecycle customers, these benefits are already part of their subscription.






  • Monitor and Alert – SCUID Operations knows which log files, database tables, JMS queues, and other areas to monitor.  Thresholds are defined on a tenant-specific basis, and all incoming events are processed through a correlation engine to identify potential issues before they start impacting your operational capability. If threshold conditions are exceeded, automatic alerts are sent out to your administrators and the Identropy response team.
  • Remediate – Identropy’s response team will quickly ascertain the root cause of the issue, regardless of whether it lies on your end or on ours.  Based on where the root cause lies, we will either correct the problem ourselves, or guide your team to where it lies so they can address the issue.
  • Maintain and Enhance – In addition to the Remediation services that are included with SCUID Operations, you also get an allocation of service tickets each month.  Each service ticket is good for one hour of consulting work and can be used for enhancements such as tweaking workflows and deploying new connectors.
  • Measure and Improve – You can track your KPIs and Metrics from your SCUID Ops dashboard.  Your dedicated SCUID Ops engineer will meet with you on a monthly basis to review the past month’s performance and guide you on how to best use your service tickets in the coming month.  This improves the business performance of your IDM system with each passing month by reducing time to provision and de-provision, increasing your uptime, and reducing your operational risk.

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"While our relationship with Identropy is still in its infancy I have found that their culture is very similar to ours. They care about their clients and they want to do things the right way. They have been easy to work with and are flexible. We are hoping that working with Identropy is a strategic partnership in the IAM space for years to come." - Identropy Customer