SCUID Platform

SCUID: A Unified Platform for the Hybrid Enterprise

SCUID ™ (Secure Cloud-based Unified Identity) is an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform that delivers a complete suite of Identity Management capabilities including Self-Service Access Request, Password Management, Provisioning, Identity Governance, and Compliance. Built atop a reference architecture based on over 150 successful IAM engagements, it is focused on addressing the three most common concerns for customers of identity management products – poor usability, long time-to-value, and high TCO. SCUID does this by embracing 3 main design principles – human-centered design, granular choice of fit-for-purpose functionality, and pre-packaged process templates based on industry best practices.

SCUID Platform Key Attributes

  • Secure: SCUID is standards-based and built using cutting edge security tools and industry best-practices that ensure that your identity data is never compromised
  • Cloud-Based: By providing a SaaS solution, SCUID delivers enterprise-grade IDM capabilities that are running and delivering value within weeks, and at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions
  • Unified Identity: SCUID is a total solution which covers both your on-premise and SaaS applications through a unified management and security framework

How it Works

SCUID has been architected as an enterprise grade identity management service that manages your target applications the same way whether they live on-premise or in the cloud. Most companies today have a hybrid environment where some of their applications are on-premise and others are SaaS-based. Unlike other solutions, SCUID is able to provide a unified IDM platform to manage such hybrid environments, enforcing the same policy and workflow controls across the enterprise’s IT footprint consistently.

All of the IDM business processes and features are delivered via the SCUID application, which serves the needs of the different user communities in the enterprise. For connecting to cloud applications such as and Service-Now, SCUID uses web services APIs from the respective vendors to manage users and privileges in those targets.  For on-premise applications, SCUID uses a component called ICE (Identity Connector for the Enterprise) to securely connect to your data center for managing identity lifecycle transactions with those target systems.
SCUID Platform

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"When we were in the search for an IAM integrator I was tasked with performing reference checks for the candidates. I asked my favorite reference check question, “What 3 words would you use to describe Identropy?” Your clients described Identropy as: ethical, hardworking, knowledgeable, experienced, accommodating, valuable, visionary, passionate, personable, consistent, committed, and reasonable. In the five months since I’ve found their assessment to be quite accurate." - Identropy Customer