Smart Identity Management

The IDM Challenge

Traditional Identity Management offerings continue to be 3270 solutions in an Internet world.  The available technology to address the IDM challenge is archaic, expensive, cumbersome and time-consuming to implement.  Most critically, it is extremely difficult for end-users to interact with. (Yeah, we end sentences with prepositions here, that’s how we roll).  In an era where people are able to intuitively self-learn the interfaces for shopping, stock trading, and social networking, IDM UIs continue to remain complicated and cluttered.

Smart Identity Management

So what’s the way to do this more intelligently?  Smart Identity Management is Identropy’s approach to deliver IDM in a way that addresses the key reasons these programs have struggled.  Through extensive engagements and interviews with customers of all sizes and industries, Identropy has identified the key reasons IDM projects frequently stall. These learnings have informed the design, functionality, and usability of our SCUID platform.


The SCUID Platform is architected and optimized for the cloud.  It provides a true multi-tenant architecture and is not the “cloud-washing” of legacy IDM platforms that have been Frankensteined into artificial multi-tenancy.  It leverages cloud technologies such as NoSQL to truly model the unique and dynamic relationships between identities, groups, roles, privileges, and target systems.

Laser-Focused on the User

If the average end-user spends more than a minute or two within our interface, we will have failed.

We know that 99% of the users of an IDM interface neither know nor care about Identity Management.  They have day jobs in departments such as sales, marketing, and accounting and are merely looking to quickly request, or approve, or recertify something and get on with their lives.  Our product development approach involved many rigorous iterations of taking UI prototypes out to different end-customers to find out what worked for them and what didn’t.  Only after we had converged on the right user experience did we go to work on building the engine that would bring that UI to life.

The end result is an interface that is elegant to the eye and intuitive to navigate. The interface is powered by a back-end that leverages powerful data intelligence capabilities that provide users with suggestions on tasks and to-dos based on “identity events” that have happened for them or people they work with or manage.  These suggestions are further augmented by pattern matching capabilities that take into account what other people of the same title or department, or in the same office, or reporting to the same manager have done before.


Because it is delivered as a true SaaS application, SCUID allows customers to reap the full benefits of that approach.  SCUID will have you up and running within two months and costs just a few dollars per user per month, and even less with volume discounts.  The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for SCUID is 1/10 that of traditional IDM implementations over a three year window.

Random Text

"As a founder of a professional services consulting firm, I carefully watch how other firms deliver their services to clients I also serve. Identropy is one such firm I have observed closely since 2011 and they never fail to impress me. After they sent in their A Team to win the project, I kept waiting to see the B Team—I am still waiting." - Identropy Partner