Smart for the CFO

Let’s face it, numbers are the lens through which you see the world.  When your spouse wants to buy a car, you’ve already spreadsheeted it in your head.  When you think about your favorite color, you do a quantitative analysis. When Neo first saw the Matrix you thought “Now that’s a social network !!”.

But there’s a big difference between cheap and frugal.  We know you’re not the person that hits the bar at happy hour (just) because FREE APPETIZERS !!  But we do know that you’ll wait till the end of the month to buy anything because you want the best deal possible.  You’re not cheap. But you ARE smart.

So let’s break down what SCUID can do for you.  We’ll presume that your CISO and Auditor have already convinced you that IDM technology is a must-have, so this is all about making sure it’s economical and cost-effective.

What You Won’t Need to Buy

With SCUID, you’re getting a great service and we will charge you a monthly subscription fee for that.  But first let’s talk about all the things that you don’t need to spend money on when you buy SCUID

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Implementation Services
  • Operations Staff

Even for a small organization of less than 1,000 end users, the three year TCO of the items listed above can be over a million dollars.  For a 5,000 user enterprise, the three year TCO can exceed $3 Million.

What Does it Cost

So in exchange for not having to spend all that money, you subscribe to the SCUID service from Identropy. Our entry-level pricing starts at $7 per user per month for small enterprises of up to 500 users with volume discounts for larger customers. In general, our customers tell us that the three year TCO for SCUID is roughly 10% – 15% of that for other comparable solutions.


One of SCUID’s key benefits is that it can be up and running in your enterprise within one or two months. Most IDM solutions require a 6 – 12 month deployment phase before the business can start to recognize any value from the investment. SCUID will start delivering genuine business value in the form of cost savings, productivity, and risk reduction within the first 60 days.

Which leads us to our next point …

Low Risk

Because of the low cost and the subscription nature of our service, you don’t need to wait till you’re six months and seven figures into the project to assess the value you’re realizing from your SCUID investment. If for any reason you don’t feel that you’re getting value from the service, you can immediately discontinue it any time with a one month cancellation fee.

Random Text

"I’ve had many engagements with Identropy’s executives and the one thing that comes to mind is their professionalism. The team always displays transparency while doing business and most of all you get an immediate feeling they are part of the team and want to succeed no matter the challenge. Hands down Identropy would be a company I would want to work for." - Identropy partner