Smart for the CISO

We know that Identity and Access Management is only one of your myriad responsibilities. It’s a glamorous title, but no one appreciates that you’re on the hook for everything from desktop anti-virus to incident response to perimeter security to business continuity. Oh yeah, and IDM too. We feel your pain and we can make the IDM part of your job as smooth and painless as possible. The rest is between you and your users. Or between you and a good single malt. We’re not judgey.

Regain Control of Your IT Environment

The biggest concern for any CISO is of course the “S” in your title – Security. SCUID delivers numerous security benefits that can help you sleep better at night.

  • Automated deprovisioning to immediately and automatically shut down any and all access to applications after a user is terminated
  • Approval workflows that function as preventive controls before users are granted access to applications and resources
  • Recertification / Attestation capabilities that function as detective controls to cover exception cases




Business Value Realized

CISOs are typically the sponsors of the IDM initiative(s) in their enterprises. Beyond your fundamental need to secure the enterprise, you care about making sure that the IDM program gets going quickly, is widely adopted (to maximize value realized), and goes as smoothly as possible from an operational standpoint. Here’s how SCUID can help:

  • Fast time-to-value: Because it’s a SaaS offering, SCUID is up and running within two months
  • Ease-of-use: The SCUID UI is streamlined for easy navigation by end-users, managers, and operations staff
  • Easy Operations: As a SaaS platform, SCUID doesn’t require you to hire expensive staff (or consultants) and invest in training them on complex technology
  • Operational Metrics – On an ongoing basis, SCUID will tell you how your IDM program is performing including key metrics such as password resets, average time to provision, average time to deprovision, and which applications take the longest time to get users off-boarded

Random Text

"While our relationship with Identropy is still in its infancy I have found that their culture is very similar to ours. They care about their clients and they want to do things the right way. They have been easy to work with and are flexible. We are hoping that working with Identropy is a strategic partnership in the IAM space for years to come." - Identropy Customer