Smart for the End-User

Do you care about IDM?  No.  Do you even know what IDM is?  We’re gonna guess no again.  You care about doing your job and getting, let’s say “stuff”, done (At Identropy, we just say GSD and let people sort it out for themselves).  As long as you’ve got access to the systems you need to GSD, you’re all set.  We’re here to make sure that the day you set foot at work, you’re going to be teed up with all the things you need to GSD.

And if there’s things that need special approval, we’re going to make it painless for you to figure out what you need and order it online – like you would at that popular shopping site whose name is synonymous with the race of female warriors (very limited budget here for licensing other people’s trademarks).  And just like that website, you can track your order online to figure out where it’s stuck in the process and hurry it along.


Much of the value of an IDM solution is only realized when there is broad adoption of the technology by the end-user community.  The business case for IDM investments is typically built on the back of self-service capabilities for functions that can be offloaded from help-desk administrators.

Identity is inherently complex. We spent three person-years peeling back that complexity into it’s most primal form. The result is a UI that is designed to quickly let an end-user identify and accomplish the tasks they need to tackle in the UI, and then get on with their day jobs.

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One-Stop Shopping

Even in relatively small enterprises, an end-user has to go to multiple places to request access to different applications, laptops and computers, physical access badges, and other company resources.  SCUID is designed to give you a unified front-end to request anything you need from your company’s IT department and track that request through to completion.

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Random Text

"When we were in the search for an IAM integrator I was tasked with performing reference checks for the candidates. I asked my favorite reference check question, “What 3 words would you use to describe Identropy?” Your clients described Identropy as: ethical, hardworking, knowledgeable, experienced, accommodating, valuable, visionary, passionate, personable, consistent, committed, and reasonable. In the five months since I’ve found their assessment to be quite accurate." - Identropy Customer