Smart for the Manager

You’re a great boss.  You always want to empower and enable your team.  They depend on you to make sure that they have all the tools they need to be effective in their jobs.  We can automate the process by which new team members get access to the applications they need, and we make it painless for you (or them) to request access to additional resources, approve those requests, and track them in flight.

Get Your Team Productive Fast

Click for larger imageAs a manager, you want to make sure that your team is productive.  SCUID automates the process by which your team members get access to the applications they need to do their jobs on their first day at work. You’re constantly kept in the loop about identity events happening in the system through notifications that inform you and allow you to react or enhance the process. For those applications that require approval, SCUID allows you to track where those requests are in the process so that you can, you know, politely nudge them along.


As the manager, you’re accountable for the application access your team members have.  SCUID gives you fast and clean visibility into the roles, applications, and privileges that they have. And with our innovative approach to attestation, your recertification tasks are a breeze, and in no way remind you of a trip to the dentist.

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"I’ve had many engagements with Identropy’s executives and the one thing that comes to mind is their professionalism. The team always displays transparency while doing business and most of all you get an immediate feeling they are part of the team and want to succeed no matter the challenge. Hands down Identropy would be a company I would want to work for." - Identropy partner