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Listen to Identropy's Jim McDonald and Jeff Steadman on their podcast at "Identity at the Center".
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After having been part of numerous Sailpoint projects here at Identropy, both large and small, I thought it would be useful to put together a cheat sheet of Sailpoint specific terms for newbies to the technology. Hopefully this will be beneficial for customers and consultants alike so they can get in on the fun Sailpoint-speak.  Enjoy!
Here’s a bold prediction: more services will move to the cloud. Not that bold, huh? That’s OK – it’s an obvious and safe bet. The real question does that impact your PAM vendor selection process? 
Listen to Identropy's Jim McDonald and Jeff Steadman
Are you about to embark on a journey in the world of Identity? Or are you looking to atone for past IAM or IAG sins? If so, once you have an IAM Roadmap in place, one of the first steps we recommend our customers to thoroughly think through is IAM Roles & Responsibilities. In general, there are 5 bodies a good identity program will assemble: an IAM Advisory Committee, IAM Project Team, IAM Core ...
Identity and access management (IAM) has a problem. Something that I don't really see covered. It has very little to do with technology, standards, processes, and even budgets. I find myself in the sweltering Washington, DC heat and humidity at the identity-focused Identiverse conference. I see a lot of familiar faces that make the routine identity conference circuit. The vast majority of us have ...
We are thrilled to present our first podcast! 
How Can Machine Learning and Identity Management Contribute to your Cyber Security Program?