It’s been almost two years since we here at Identropy defined our Company Culture. We’ve grown a lot since then, added new faces to the team, launched a new product, but all the while staying true to the core values that we committed to.

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Over the last few months, we decided to reboot and distill our core values down to the most important and the most concise, without losing the spirit which our original core values conveyed and still reflecting the unique culture that continues to thrive here at Identropy. There was plenty of back and forth, and rightly so, as our core values are what defines our company as a whole. These core values describe how we engage our customers and each other day to day. In the end, we came up with these five core values, each with its own tag line and description.

Innovation - Defy Convention

We challenge ourselves by creating simple solutions to complex problems. As Albert Einstein brilliantly said "We cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them".

Customer Centricity - Fight for what’s right

We measure our success by the success of our customers. We always put ourselves in their shoes and make their victories our victories.

Drive - Get S#@! Done

Our passion motivates us to succeed. We thrive because our work is what we want to do.

Collaboration - Bound to succeed

Understanding that no single person could ever accomplish what a talented team can, we set our egos aside to succeed together.

Autonomy - Unleash Talent

We are each empowered to bring the most creative ideas and solutions to the table every day. No Roadblocks. No Red Tape. No Oversight.


It’s our goal that these core values will endure as Identropy continues to grow. So in the words of our very own Frank Villavicencio, let’s do this thing right here!

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Eric Carrera

Eric Carrera

Since joining Identropy, I’ve enjoyed helping the company grow through its Professional Services, its Managed Services, and all of the the general bootstrapping that a young company required. I’m very passionate about technology, and one of the best things about startups is having the flexibility (sometimes out of necessity) to find innovative ways to apply technology to solve problems. I’m also very passionate about food, and thankfully, equally love to cook. If you ever start a conversation with me about food or tech, you’ll have me talking to you all night.