How To Perform a SaaS Application InventoryWe released a new ebook today that shows you how to easily rein in some of that cloud application free-for-all that is happening in your company right now. In a recent survey, 71% of respondents acknowledged using applications that were not sanctioned by IT. The ugly truth is, IT is in the dark when it comes to their SaaS footprint. 

In this ebook, we'll show you how to gain the following:

  • Catalog: Create a catalog of all of your SaaS apps
  • Score: Analyze and assign a risk score to each app
  • Mitgate: Create an action plan to address exposures
  • Framework: Establish a repeatable framework for the future

This ebook will give you the needed insight into the SaaS applications that are currently being used in your company. Grab your free copy today


Free Ebook: How To Perform a SaaS Application Inventory
Eric Carrera

Eric Carrera

Since joining Identropy, I’ve enjoyed helping the company grow through its Professional Services, its Managed Services, and all of the the general bootstrapping that a young company required. I’m very passionate about technology, and one of the best things about startups is having the flexibility (sometimes out of necessity) to find innovative ways to apply technology to solve problems. I’m also very passionate about food, and thankfully, equally love to cook. If you ever start a conversation with me about food or tech, you’ll have me talking to you all night.