Identity and Access Management

An article posted by CSO explains what the world would be like if assigning employees specific access rights to what they need and restrictions to what they don’t need were not implemented. This is a significant task that, in the days where passwords functioned as flagship security, IT reigned supreme.  However, this is no longer the case. As the article suggests, these systems have transcended past passwords and into managing user provisioning and access governance.

The need for comprehensive identity and access management policies and systems is paramount.

Without it, “the fallout would be disastrous.” Choosing to do nothing with the technology that is available could have grave consequences in the event of a minor error or sleight of hand. It also lists some key functionality and processes needed for a complete system—some of which are:

  • Audit the current access employees have to data and applications
  • Control which users have access to the organization’s information and ensure that those users with privileged access do not enable unauthorized access to data

Check out an excerpt from CSO’s article here:

It is obvious that the above scenario would be catastrophic and wreak havoc on every organization worldwide. The ability to assign employees specific rights to access only the applications and data they need to perform their jobs is one of the most important tasks that IT performs for an organization. The question that needs to be asked is how to perform these tasks in the most efficient manner while ensuring the utmost security.

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