In our final blog post of 2019, we wanted to share some great news. Identropy has been named by CIO Review as one of the Top 10 Consulting/Service Companies in 2019 for Identity Governance and Administration. See the review HERE or their article with Victor Barris, our Co-Founder and one of our Managing Partners HERE.

We here at Identropy hope all of our blog subscribers have a great holiday season and wonderful New Year!  We'll see you in 2020!


Pitfalls of an IAM Program
Eric Carrera

Eric Carrera

Since joining Identropy, I’ve enjoyed helping the company grow through its Professional Services, its Managed Services, and all of the the general bootstrapping that a young company required. I’m very passionate about technology, and one of the best things about startups is having the flexibility (sometimes out of necessity) to find innovative ways to apply technology to solve problems. I’m also very passionate about food, and thankfully, equally love to cook. If you ever start a conversation with me about food or tech, you’ll have me talking to you all night.