At Identropy, we’ve implemented more SailPoint Projects than we can count. Unfortunately, many are rescue missions (where previous technologists could have done a better job) – and the first thing our technical team performs is a 9-point health check.


DIY-SailpointIIQ-HealthCheck ImageThis free Do-it-Yourself SailPoint Healthcheck Overview includes:

- Optimum performance of an IIQ installation depends on a range of factors.
- Environmental details, infrastructure set up, product/application configuration, data integrity and quality could all impact stability and end-user experience.
- The following slides list quick and easy steps to monitor the health of your installation, identify misconfigurations and potentially improve performance.
- All of these checks should take < 60 minutes to perform.


Although performing the health check is not terribly complex, most administrators who are new to SailPoint may not know where to look. This document is a DIY (do-it-yourself) guide to enable your team to perform a health check on their own. Of course, Identropy's team of experts is here to help if you need it.



Eric Carrera

Eric Carrera

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