As technology becomes increasingly important to corporate success, so does the value of managing access to resources. Creating effective and intuitive IAM services that make it easy for the business to obtain the required access in a safe and secure manner can minimize the complexities associated with IAM.

When a company operates around an organized IAM program, productivity is much easier to achieve. The first step in building a proper IAM program is by creating your IAM roadmap.

Where do I start?

It's difficult to build an effective IAM roadmap for your company without tenured experience in IAM development and deployment. Real world IAM experience is invaluable in helping develop realistic and executable IAM strategies. Taking advantage of resources, internal and external, that have this experience can have profound and positive effects on IAM roadmap development. People that have done it before know what works and perhaps more importantly, what does not work as well.

When developing a roadmap, these are some of the areas that require thoughtful consideration:

  • Usability. This includes self-service options for password management, an easy-to-use access request interface, and minimizing the number of times a user has to log in through effective single sign-on mechanisms. An easy-to-use system leads to happier users and increased adoption. Increased adoption leads to a faster return on investment (see below).
  • Security. More sensitive internal resources need to be protected by stronger levels of authentication, which may include options like adaptive or multi-factor. You should be absolutely sure that the right people have the right access at the right time. Having an always up-to-date mapping of accounts to users is a core tenet of a successful information security program.
  • Cost. The vast majority of companies have to adhere to a budget. A structured IAM program separates needs and wants in the delivery of IAM services. Focusing on core use cases with strong business benefit will help the organization save time and money.

Identity and access management isn't just a piece of the puzzle, it impacts everyone and everything inside a company; it moderates workflow, unites users in a common experience, and most importantly, enables users to share information quickly and easily in an intuitive format. It breaks down barriers that keep people from working together and facilitates innovation and future-focused thinking. It is the foundation on which successful and secure business is built.

IAM is a fundamental part of the modern professional world. In a world of ever-changing technology and expectations, it’s difficult to effectively keep up without a strategic vision that addresses usability and security while enabling a positive return on the IAM investment. With help from experienced professionals, your IAM roadmap can be translated more easily into a business friendly and secure platform that will unite every individual in your company.

Pitfalls of an IAM Program



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