Dave_Redmond_Spotlight_Blog.jpgThis month, we wanted to highlight our resident “Problem Solver Extraordinaire,” David Redmond. Dave is truly a jack-of-all-trades, dividing his time across many different areas of our business—giving product demonstrations, leading Proofs of Concepts (POCs), writing and reviewing Statements of Work, contributing to advisory services and professional services engagements, training staff and more!  

He travels quite frequently but his exact whereabouts always remain classified (Maybe we should do a new blog series … Where in the World is Dave Redmond?...Catchy!). Prior to Identropy he worked at dot-com start-ups, global manufacturing companies, and everything in between – but always in IT.  Earlier this year, Dave was recognized by one of our partners, SailPoint, as their “Outstanding Partner SE AMS” of the year.  A big accomplishment!  And to round it all out, Dave’s IT career began at an academic institution of higher education as a Computer Science instructor.  Let’s take a minute to read more and get to know “The Professor.”

When did you join Identropy?

I started with Identropy back in 2010 as a professional services engineer in the Courion practice.  I have always worked in IT—as a DBA, network administrator, IT manager, enterprise architect, etc.  Now, even though my official title is Senior Consultant & Pre-Sales Solutions Architect, I am actively involved with many aspects of Identropy’s IAM/GRC Professional Services and Advisory Services offerings.

What is your day-to-day role?

It varies, but most of my time is spent training staff, presenting demos, conducting POCs and consulting on advisory engagements and implementations.

What skills do you need for your role? 

A combination of technical skills such as coding, configuration, logic and design as well as strong communication skills (i.e. presentation, teaching, negotiation) are all important to have.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I enjoy the occasional international travel opportunities that come along with my job.  Most recently I made a few trips to Brazil to lead a POC in  Brasília and to train our newly-formed sales engineering and professional services teams with one of our partners in São Paulo.

And the most challenging?

If I am leading an onsite POC for a company with heightened security policies, I may need to be entirely hands-off for the duration of the visit.  This means that I cannot be touching any of the equipment or data that is involved.  I am literally standing next to the customer representative and instructing them on exactly what they need to do for the POC.  

As you can imagine, this requires clear communication and direction as well as having the knowledge and patience to get it done right the first time.  Those situations can be particularly challenging.  

What is your proudest moment / memory at Identropy?

Early on at Identropy I was the recipient of the Identropy ARES (Award for Recognition of Excellent Service).  It meant a lot to me because I was a newer employee and while I had a lot of IT experience, certifications, and knowledge, I was also new to the IAM space.  It was an honor to be selected and recognized for my positive contributions to the business.

What is your top tip for those looking to implement an IAM program?

In my experience, the most important factor for success when building an IAM program is having an executive sponsor who understands the many facets of Information Security from both the business and technical side.

What superhero do you most identify with and why?

Mister Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four.  I can see so many parallels to his story in my life – his intelligence, his mastery of many subjects, his ability to stretch and morph into any shape he desires, being thrust into a leadership role unexpectedly, his methodical, calculated approach to problems and ability to shoulder responsibility, convincing the other Fantastics to use their powers for good and not evil, and how he confronts challenges with such focus that he can sometimes neglect even his own family.

Favorite thing to do when you are not at work?

Watching my son participate in any of his many extra-curricular activities.

Hidden talent? Or something people would be surprised to know about you?

With all the travel I’ve done (20 countries so far!), I could probably host a Travel Guide show on TV!

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