One thing I love about Identropy is our annual in-person company meeting. It’s a time to build camaraderie with new colleagues and rekindle relationships that have grown over the years. Identropy alumni who are reading this – YES, we still tell stories that include you!

GroupPhoto1-2019This year we met in October, in Clearwater Beach, Florida and we lucked out with the weather. While our meetings were held indoors, our fun times were outdoors. Outdoor activities included a scavenger hunt on the beach and an delicious dinner on the water on a gorgeous night. But what I’ll most remember were the great conversations had with my coworkers and fellow thought leaders in the industry.

There were three big ideas I took away from the meetings:

OutdoorMeeting20191. Identropy is doing its part to bring along the next generation of IAM thought leaders and we are putting our money where our mouth is. I’ve always felt Identropy provided an inclusive workplace where all walks of life were accepted. However, we were always a company that was almost exclusively made up of experienced IAM professionals. In 2019, Identropy began a junior engineer program bringing in fresh professionals and giving them an opportunity to be a part of a fast-growing industry and to learn from some of the best architects and consultants in the industry. These young professionals helped me to be excited again about all the future holds for this company.

FloridaLandscapt20192. Identropy’s corporate culture is still strong. I couldn’t go far without seeing a #GSD or #Innovation reference. This company was founded on the idea of truly revolutionizing the IAM industry. The company culture was defined in the spirit of making this revolutionary thinking a core part of how we as Identropians go about out business. To read more about our culture, check out this blog:

3. The Identity at the center podcast is really taking off. Each week Jeff Steadman and I record a podcast discussing trends and news within the IAM industry. The overwhelming feedback from our peers is that they think it is a great listen and that they’re encouraging others to do the same. If you want to give it a try check out:


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Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald is a professional with over 10 years leading teams through business-critical technology initiatives. Technical Strategist, Leader and Champion of Change with history of crossing organizational boundaries, cultivating strategic alliances and building consensus and alignment among diverse constituents to leverage IT as strategic asset and deliver solutions that rejuvenate and advance global business’ financial performance.