We've scoped more Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) Projects than we can count. Naturally, we decided to share a DIY guide with the community for free - so you can get the process going on your own! GET IT HERE



The document walks you and your team through 3 simple steps:

1. Complete the "Process-User Technologies-Target Systems" Chart

2. Assign Correlations and Responsibilities

3. Process Description


We typically provide this guide to our customers who are working with our Advisory Services team (a 4-week process to determine their IGA Strategy and Program) in preparation for the advisory project. Customers have told us that spending an afternoon with their team was a worthwhile exercise to get them thinking in the right direction as a team. 



Eric Carrera

Eric Carrera

Since joining Identropy, I’ve enjoyed helping the company grow through its Professional Services, its Managed Services, and all of the the general bootstrapping that a young company required. I’m very passionate about technology, and one of the best things about startups is having the flexibility (sometimes out of necessity) to find innovative ways to apply technology to solve problems. I’m also very passionate about food, and thankfully, equally love to cook. If you ever start a conversation with me about food or tech, you’ll have me talking to you all night.