Listen to Identropy's Jim McDonald and Jeff Steadman on their podcast at "Identity at the Center".

Both Jeff and Jim have over a decade of experience in the Identity & Access Management space and guide companies on their IAM Program journey through Identropy's Advisory Services arm.
We have a little something different this week. In this special episode, Jim and Jeff take the show on the road for the Identropy company meeting in Clearwater Beach, Florida. An IAM version of Family Feud was played and recorded live in front of the entire Identropy team. The Identropy team took their shot at answering questions like:
-"How do you measure the effectiveness of an IAM program?"
-"What is a common mistake our customers make when implementing an IAM system?"
-"What kind of alcoholic beverage would Identropy be?"

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 Podcast #18 Full Transcript:

Identity At The Center #18 - IAM Family Feud with the Identropy Team.

Jeff: All right, welcome to the Identity at the Center podcast. I'm Jeff and this is Jim and I'm here with the Identropy team and beautiful Clearwater Beach, say hello everybody.

We've got a special show today.

We're going to be playing Family Feud - Identropy IAM edition. We've got two teams. We've got Team Ding-Dong with Fletcher as captain. We've got Team Honk as Christa as the captain. She's waiting. No, that's not me, all right, so the rules of the game: This is what we will get. We came with a bunch of questions around IAM and maybe not some IAM stuff with the most common answers put up on the board. We're going to play family feud style stuff and we don't want to get copyright issues.

So we're gonna go ahead and start game before we get a copyright strike, so we got two teams. We're gonna go ahead and kick-start round one, so first question.

Name a common H.R. system integrated with an IAM system. Yes. Fletcher was first. Okay, Fletcher.

Fletcher: Workday.

Jeff: IS it on the board. It is number one most popular. It's on the board was workday. He’s on the board, next up, David, you could pass it if you want to. Yeah. Okay. What's. What do you got? What do you first? David.

David: PeopleSoft.

Jeff: PeopleSoft, PeopleSoft on the board, number two, one answer left on the board Helio, you’re up.

Helio: Let's go with Oracle.

Jeff: Oracle. Ok, what do we got on the board? Not on the board. Kevin.

Kevin: Lawson.

Jeff: Lawson, on the board. Oh, no. Two strikes, team honk get ready to steal if they don't get the answer. What do you got, Satish?

Satish: Ammm

Jeff: Time's running out.  5, 4, 3,

Satish:  Kanye West.

Jeff: what do you say?

You say, Kanye West? No. Kanye West was surprisingly not a system that's normally connected to IAM all right.

Team honk, you guys can confer here, what do you guys think? What's the last one on the board?

Well, what is it?

  • Ceridian

Jeff: IS Ceridian on the board for the game? No, not on the board, All right, so team Ding Dong gets the game. Oh, yeah. So we'll click here. The last one was ADP, Some of the most common answer member. The people who were surveyed were the people in this room. So if you're going to get angry, get angry at yourselves. Workday, PeopleSoft and ADP were the most common answers that we came up on the board. Let's go to the next round there, next question. Get ready.

Name a common password, David, got it.

David: Password.

Jeff: Password on the board, top three answers, Password is number one answer.

All right, so do you guys want to play or pass? Gonna play? 

  • ABC 1, 2, 3.

Jeff: ABC 1, 2, 3 on the board. Survey says no. Not on the board. Two answers left, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, for initial passwords, it's often welcome one.

Jeff: Welcome one. Is there a welcome one? No, not a common answer, Satish, come down to you again. We've got two strikes.

Is Kanye West also a password? We don't know.

That maybe if it was Fletcher's account, it could be.

Satish: I'm going to, let me in.

Jeff: What is it? Let me in. Let me in. No, no, all right, team Honk. What are we gonna go with? They're conferring. They're thinking. Name a common password. We got password up on the board. Two answers left. There is a furious discussion at the table right here. We need an answer.

  • God

Jeff: God, God up on the board for the game? No.

Team Ding dong takes it. Let's see, the other answer is what was number three? Number three, Admin, OK, what was number two change me or change it, multiple people had that answer, so let's go to the next rounds.

So those were easy questions. Now we're going to start to get a little bit harder. OK, got your buzzers ready to go.

Top four answers on the board. Name a way to measure the effectiveness of an IAM program. Eric.

Eric: Automation.

Jeff: Automation. Is there some sort of automation on the board?  Jim struggling with the two computers, the judge, the jury, the executioner. He's thinking you can see the beads of sweat rolling down as he's trying to make his decision. And he has spoken. Oh, not on the lists. Helio

Helio: Number of Help Desk requests.

Jeff: Number of helped us requests that on the list, number one, service desk call slash ticket volume. So here are you guys gonna play or pass?

And we're gonna play it. Kevin.

Kevin: Past audits or successful audits.

Jeff: Past audits or successful audits?  Any type of audit activity up there No, that is not going to make it, Satish this time. Satish is not playing with two strikes. So the weight, the burden should be off. It should be good.

Satish: Thank God.

Jeff: Does Kanye have a song about how to measure the effectiveness of IAM. I don't know.

Satish: How to measure the effectiveness of IAM, A hush falls over the crowd. Job depends while the unemployment line I go, Okay. Correlation rules, no correlation.

Jeff: If you're using correlation rules to measure the effectiveness of your IAM program. That is not going to be something that we will see out there. All right. Fletcher, you got two strikes. You need to get an answer to stay in the game. What you got, Fletcher?

 Fletcher: Certifications completed.

Jeff: Certifications completed and his type of completion, access review, access certifications. Oh, no. Three strikes, Team Honk. Another opportunity to steal hasn't gone your way so far, this game. Yeah, we got three answers still on the board. Number one answer was service desk call volume gun.

The question is how do you measure the effectiveness of an IAM program?

What are we got?

ROI, Return on Investment

Jeff: Do we have anything like ROI on the board?

No. Team Honk I'm so disappointed, three opportunities, this deal or none. Let's see, number four. It was the fourth answer on the board, customer satisfaction surveys, number three number of transactions for connected slash integrated systems. It's a good one, number two. Time to fully onboard a new user, SLA people. Come on. What's the number one complaint?  When we walk in, It takes two one to get access. How do we make that faster? Ding Dong is cleaning up.

And I'm very sorry for Team Honk at the moment. Get ready to answer, Next up, Diane and Kevin.

You got the top three answers on the board. Let's see the question.

What is the one thing you fear most when making your first visit to a customer? I heard a ding dong over here.

Kevin: Getting lost.

Jeff: Getting lost, let’s see. Survey says not on the list, team honk.

  • Missing a flight.

Jeff: Missing the flight. Let's see, is it on the list being late?

Ok, getting sick, All right, team Honk finally getting a chance to play. super exciting, never happened in the history of Identropy family feud before.

So top to answer are two answers left. No one was being late or slash getting sick. You guys going to play this or pass it? Do you want to play Prime Make sense? Triple the points. OK. What do we got? What's the next answer?

What's the one thing you fear most when visiting a customer.

 No solution for the requirement.

Jeff: No solution for the requirement. Do you have all the answers that are on the board?

Oh, no, nothing on there, Christa. Save your team.

Christa: Getting yelled at.

Jeff: Getting yelled at. This is by circumstance because Christa usually is doing the yelling. Two strikes, team ding dong are ready to steal. You're playing under fire here. So what do you fear most when you're going to go visit a client.

  • Getting too drunk at the party

Jeff: Say that again, getting too drunk at the party, now we're talking about clients, our own company meetings where certain people didn't show up for like an hour until after we started, so getting drunk not being able to show up for food or drink options, it's on the list.

Who would've thought?  So we got to one answer left.

Still work or two strikes, Eric?

Eric: What was the question again?

Jeff: Question was, what do you fear most when going to visit a client or a customer sites?

Eric: They do all their work in the production environment.

Jeff: They do all the work in a production environment. I think they'll be fair for everybody has that on the board. Do we have that, Jim? No. Oh, no. Team Ding-Dong has a chance to keep the streak.

Steal more points. The conference is alive and well. They're thinking that they're discussing. Where's the microphone? Yes, speaking on microphone.

  • Getting the customer's name wrong.

Jeff: Getting the customer's name wrong. Is that on the lists?

Oh, all right.

Team honk Get some points. What was number three on the list, Jim?

 Cancellation or a late notice on that, would that definitely suck, right? You're about to show up. We don't need you guys here. Thanks for making the trip out. So Honk is on the board, finally, Next question. Here we go. Get ready, Buzzers.

We have the top six answers on the board. If Ash Motiwala was an IAM technology, what would he be?

  • Microsoft

Microsoft, And Ash is here, he'll have to listen to the podcast, so here this one.

No Ash is on the list, team Dong. What do we got?

Do you have an answer? If Ash was an IAM technology, what would he be?

Nope, he's on an island all by himself. He's lost in thought, he's somewhere somehow I see in his face, like the tuna, I like all of the lights is playing and there's something going on. I don't know what he got. Answer. Any answer at all? .5, 4, 3, 2,  All right, It goes over to team honk. All right, Krista, you’re up.

Christa: SailPoint.

Jeff: SailPoint. Is SailPoint on the board? Number one, a vast majority of people at Identropy believe Ash is some sort of IGA technology.  What do we got? What's next?

  • Okta

Jeff: Okta. Is Ash Okta or maybe a single sign on type utility.

The survey says something cloud-based. That was the sixth answer out there. Judge has spoken. That was literally copy pasted. Someone put that answer in and there were more than one person who literally said something, Cloud-based, Eric. What's another what's another answer? What would Ash be if he was an IAM technology?

Eric: SSO.

Jeff: SSO I kind of think that's the same thing like Oka play more of the cloud. That's not gonna count, sorry, Diane, you’re up, if Ash was an IAM technology, what would he be?

Diane: Forgerock.

Jeff: Forgerock. Show me up, is Forgerock up on the board, Authorization server access management. I can see it right. OK, so, we've got three answers left. If Ash was an IAM technology, what would he be?

  • Self Service password reset.

Jeff: Self Service, password reset. Judges say, survey says, thinking.

Not working two strikes is not on the list.

All right, Christa, you're operating now on under fire. Two strikes left. You've got three answers on the board. What is Ash?

Save your team. Be the hero. Achieve your destiny here.

Christa: Ash is not here.

Jeff: Ash is not here this is correct. Is that your final answer?

Christa: No. I covered it.

Jeff: All right. So what is Ash from an IAM perspective? Let's just make that clear for everyone here in the room and listening.

Christa: Saviynt

Jeff: Now, Saviynt is kind of an IGA technology, right? That's. It's not going to make it. Team Ding-Dong has a chance to steal Fletcher. I think you're up.

Fletcher: Behavior Analytics. Behavior Analytics is behavior and ethics on the board for the game. Oh, there it is.

Number three, UBA Behavior Analytics, team Ding-Dong gets the points, but was number five, Jim, Privileged Account or Access Management? Come on, guys, Number four Multi-factor authentication, come on.

Ding-Dong is way, way ahead. I have a feeling I know who won. Let's go back to the scorer's and let's see who won this first game.

And the winner is team Ding-Dong by a score of three hundred ninety two to one eighty.

They have the first initial game ever of Identropy Family Feud and the Identity at the Center podcast. I want to thank you all for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you. We had Christine bring some coasters and I hope you guys enjoy that. So we're going to take a brief break here and reset and talk to you a little bit.

All right, welcome to Game 2 of Family Feud Identity at the Center podcast.

You got two new teams; still have Team Ding Dong and Team, Honk. So we have moved in some new fresh meat for the grinder. So we're going to see if Team Ding-Dong can continue their absolute dominance over Team Honk has demonstrated the first game.

Jim is setting up the game. So we're gonna have different set of questions this time. You guys remember how to play, right? So, Fletcher, you're up first. You're the captain for your team. Morgan, you're the captain of your team. We've got microphones. Those are on. Congratulations, Morgan. You get promoted to captain of Team Honk. You put that on your resume. Is that microphone on? OK. Feel free to use it because people need to hear you. You have to hold it in front of your mouth like this. Yeah. Like this or like that. Team Ding dong, team honk. Let's go ahead and get into it.

That's the first question.

We've got the top four answers on the board.

Name a common downstream system connected to an IAM system. Luis' buzzed in on behalf of Morgan, who is looking around bewildered as in like WTF are you doing, Morgan.

Morgan: Active Directory.

Jeff: Active directory, is Active Directory and aboard a crowd Favorite answer, no one. Good job, Morgan and company. I'm gonna. Do you guys want to play or pass? Play, all right, you're gonna play it.

So we got three answers left. Name a common downstream system.

  • LDAP

Jeff: Is LDAP up on the list, Survey says, no, not on the list. Luis, what do you got? Luis:

Luis: SAP.

Jeff: SAP, survey says, no, not on there, Jeff Chang, working with two strikes.

Jeff Chang: Salesforce.

Jeff: Salesforce. I like that answer. Salesforce, up there, no, not on their.

Team Ding Dong with a chance to steal, what do you got, Fletcher? Name a downstream system connected to an IAM.

Fletcher: Oracle.

Jeff: Is Oracle on the board? Survey says, no team honk with the points. Let's see the answers. What was the fourth one on the board Jim?

SharePoint the fourth, number three, Office 365, number two, ServiceNow downstream systems, and so points go to Team Honk on that one, excellent captaining, Morgan, great job on that.

Captain Morgan. Here you go. We have a new nickname, next up on the buzzers; we've got the top four answers on the board.

How often should an organization recertify access to his financial system? I believe I heard David.

David: Once a year.

Jeff: Once a year is once a year or annually. All right. That's the fourth. So on the board. We got three above it. What do we got? What's the. How often should an organization recertify?

  • Quarterly

Jeff: Quarterly is quarterly on the board? number one answer.Here we go. All right. You guys want to play or pass?

  • Play

Jeff: You guys are going to play, OK? Luis' how often she recertify.

Luis: I have to go biannually.

Jeff: Biannually. Is that on the board every six months? No, Jeff Chang, what do we got here?

Jeff Chang: Monthly, is monthly on their survey says number two. All right. One answer left on the board. You could do the sweep.

  •  Weekly.

Jeff: Weekly, Can you imagine how pissed off managers are going to be?

We got quarterly. We've got monthly. We've got yearly. You've got two strikes.

Morgan how often should someone recertify their access?

Morgan: I mean, based on these answers, I mean, I tried bimonthly.

Jeff: Bimonthly. So that would be what, every two weeks not on the board. All right, team. Two months. Is that every two months? Is that what was under. No. It doesn't matter because it was wrong anyway. And the judge, jury and executioner have spoken. Our very own Roger Goodell of Identropy IAM feud, team Ding-Dong Chance to steal. Do you have number three answer on the board? How often she to recertify access from a conference is going on. Now let's get an answer. Time's a ticking.

  • Three times a year.

Jeff: Three times a year. One survey says no team honk with the points. What was the answer? Jim, what was number three?

Dynamic behavior based. Some sort of access change makes sense when you think about it, right? Transfer, Exactly, I heard somebody else transfer in the back,Team honk at the points.

Next up, Luis is up against Helio, next question.

We've got the top four answers on the board.

Name an identity governance administration vendor other than sales point.

  • I'm gonna go Saviynt.

Jeff: Saviynt, Saviynt on the board, number one, top of minds. You guys going to play? Mr. Chang. Name another IGA vendor than SailPoint.

Jeff Chang: Omada.

Jeff: Omada, is Omada on the list. No, Omada.

  • Aveska.

Jeff: Aveksa. Is that on the list? No, Morgan. Again, it comes down to a two strikes. What's another IGA technology vendor other than SailPoint? We've already got Saviynt on the board and we've got three different answers below that.

Morgan: I got this weird idea about Microsoft.

Jeff: Microsoft is Microsoft on the board. Those voices in your head should probably stop talking.

Team Ding-Dong, chance to steal the conference is alive and well.

We got three answers left on the board name and IGA vendor other than SailPoint.

  • Core security

Jeff: core security, is that on the list? It is. I'm surprised that we have several people formerly of Courion not coming over that answer here. What was number three, Jim?

OneIdentity and just the One Identity, number two is Oracle. The points go to the good guys. You guys got it? Yes. Yeah. Ding dong, got it. So let's go to the next question.

We've got the top six answers on the board, and the question is, what is a common mistake a customer makes when implementing an IAM system?

I heard Mr. Chang mashing that button furiously.

Jeff Chang: Not re-engineering the process

Jeff: Not re-engineering the process. That's a great one. Is that on the board, though? Did other people agree? He is looking over his has made his decision is that on their team, dingdong.

  • Underestimating the difficulty.

Jeff: Underestimating the difficulty of the deployment is that on the list there it is, numbers 5. Do you guys want to play or pass? Team Ding-Dong is going to play. Let's see the question again or a quick if you don't mind. What is a common mistake a customer makes when implementing an IAM system? Its strange voices are afoot and floating around the room. Those voices are being actively shunned, away, away. Woman.. Oh,

  • Not using multiple environments.

Jeff: Not using multiple environments. OK. Is that on the lists? Good answer. Let's see. What is it good enough? No, man, that's a strike. Fletcher, your turn, name a common mistake that a customer makes when implementing IAM.

Fletcher: Incorrect budget.

Jeff: Incorrect budget. Do you have the money to pay for it all?

His budget concern up there, judge is shaking his head, no two strikes. Mr. David, you're up. You got working with two strikes. What's a common mistake that customers make?

David: Pushing the proof of concept into production.

Jeff: Pushing a proof of concept into production, our judge thinks is a great answer. It's so great. It earned a third strike, Morgan and Team Captain Morgan, what do we got? Name a common mistake, you guys can steal the points, a common mistake that a customer makes when implementing IAM.

  • Not involving the right stakeholders.

Jeff: not involving the right stakeholders, survey says number two the lack of executive or stakeholder support not hiring Identropy was an answer that someone put on there. I don't think it made the cut, but kudos to the company man or woman who enter that into the survey.

Let's see number six. Jim, what was the answer?  Implementation without a clear strategy, we're just throwing stuff in production to see what works. Number four, trying to implement it themselves. That's common when you know you wanna get there, not hiring Identropy. Number three, not running IAM like a program and the number one most common answer was too much too soon. Not managing the expectations. So we've got Team Honk with the points. Let's go to the next round.

We've got the top five answers on the board, and the question is, if Identropy was an alcoholic beverage, what would it be? I heard a ding dong over here when I heard it over here. I'm sorry. I heard over here.

  • I'm going to go with an AMF.

Jeff: Say it again. An AMF..

  • AMF.

Jeff: Is that a drink?

  • Audio's mother....

Jeff: Thank you for keeping that clean, but is not on the board. All right. So we got a chance over here for Team Honk, if Identropy was an alcoholic drink, what would it be?

  • Margarita.

Jeff: Margarita, is margherita on the board, not an answer. We're going to keep going until we get an answer, Fletcher.

Fletcher: Whiskey.

Jeff: Whiskey is whiskey on the board. Number two. You guys want to play your pass play? We're gonna play shocking. David.

David: Rum.

Rum is rum on the board.

No, here we go.

  • Empty because we drank it.

Jeff: Empty because he drank it accurate. But is it correct? No. Ron, two strikes. If Identropy was an alcoholic beverage, what would it be?

Ron: Beer.

Jeff: Beer. That's a good answer. I like that answer, but it is not a right answer, team honk. You have a chance to steal; there are plenty of options still on the board. You've got whiskey already, and four other answers, the conferences begun. And no, it does not.

Is there an answer?

Morgan: Yes, Scotch.

Jeff: Captain Morgan. Has decreed Scotch as their answer. And they are right, third on the board. So they get the points. Let's see, what was number five, Jim Martini, Identropy Martini number for a Long Island iced tea, Peanut gallery in the back, Headed out right all along. And the number one most common answer, Bourbon. You drank all of them, but you did not say all of them. So those points go to Team Honk, who is really starting to establish dominance. I believe you've got one more question.

This is the last round. Get those buzzers ready.

Let me get the question out first, please. Top three answers on the board.

What actor would play the role of Victor Barris in Identropy the movie? I heard Team Honk.

Morgan: The hero.

Jeff: The hero, Victor, where are you? It's an actor. But that was a great answer. You've got to admit it. Play the hero here. No, I love the answer, but it was not right. Fletcher.

Fletcher: Having Scarlett Johansson.

Jeff: Scarlett Johansson, Victor, would only be so lucky, is Scarlett Johansson on the list and. All right, let's go back over here, If what actor would play Victor Barris in Identropy, the movie.

  • Tom Hanks.

Jeff: Tom Hanks, Exactly. Like, let's see Tom Hanks on the list. Nope. We're gonna go back over here to David, Victor Barris is our CEO, Just remember that, and we want to make sure that we are putting appropriate answers on the board. Fletcher doesn't necessarily care about his job, but maybe others do.

David: Tom Cruise.

Jeff: Tom Cruise. Good answer. IS Tom Cruise on the list? No. We're gonna bounce it back over to Luis.

Luis: It is obvious guys.

Jeff: It's obvious; he's got so much confidence.

Luis: Al Pacino.

Jeff: Al Pacino is Victor, No, not common. Helio, you're up. Yeah. What actor?

Helio: Brad Pitt.

Jeff: Brad Pitt I can kind of see the resemblance. Not on the list. I don't think Jeff Chang.

Jeff Chang: Antonio Banderas.

Jeff: Antonio Banderas, No. Ron.

Ron: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jeff: Leonardo DiCaprio. Wow. No.

We've got three answers on the board still. And everyone is completely stumped over who's going to play Victor in Identropy the movie. What do we got? Team Honk

  • Henry Cavill.

Jeff: Henry Cavill. Wow. I know that's not on the list. Sorry, Victor. We've bounced around.

  • Vin Diesel.

Jeff: Vin Diesel, Not on the list either.

Morgan, we won't take another stab at it. Who thought this would be so hard? There was only three common answers out of everyone who submitted the survey. Morgan.

Morgan: Keanu Reeves.

Jeff: Keanu Reeves. Whoa! Nope. Not on the list.

  • Dwayne Johnson.

Jeff: Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Not on the list.

  • He'll play himself like he'll be the actor.

Jeff: Oh, he plays himself. That's a good answer. I like the creativity. It's not going to get you any points, but I'd like the answer, David what actor is going to play Victor Barris and Identropy the movie?

  • Harrison Ford.

Jeff: Harrison Ford not on the list. Luis' come back to you.

Luis: have to go with Dinero.

Jeff: Robert De Niro, is he on the list? Yeah. We finally got one. I thought we'd be here all day. All right. Do you guys want a player pass?

For those keeping score at home would be the first pass ever in Identropy Family Feud.

All right, so we're going to team Ding-Dong, which means, Helio, Your up, you have a chance here to win the game.

Helio: Let's go, Danny Devito.

Jeff: Danny Devito, is Danny Devito on the list, Number two, the crowd goes wild.

It is absolute pandemonium in Clearwater Beach right now. So we've got Robert De Niro and Danny Devito as number one and number two, who is the third most popular? Just point those fingers back at yourself, guys. These are your own answers.

All right, Number three, Ron, do you have the answer? The pressure is on.

Ron: Matt Damon.

Jeff: Matt Damon, is Matt Damon on the board? No. Or first strike. We're coming back around. What actor is going to play Victor in Identropy the movie? You've already got Robert DeNiro and we've already got Danny DeVito, who is number three on that list.

  • Mark Wahlberg.

Jeff: Mark Wahlberg. Marky Mark, Marky Mark is not Mr. Barris.

All right, Fletcher, you got two strikes if you don't get this right. You guys are going to lose the other. Let's go.

Fletcher: Denzel Washington.

Jeff: Denzel Washington. Again, someone is not at all concerned about their employment at Identropy.

So we're gonna flip it back over to team honk for the steal and. What do we got, team hunk? Third answer on the board, Who is Victor Barris in the movie?

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jeff: Arnold Schwarzenegger, not even close.

I don't know what to say about that. Which means Team Ding Dong is going to get the points in a very hard fought matter.

What was number three on the list? Robert Downey Junior. Victor, you got to be happy with these results. I mean, any of these are great.

So Team Honk blows away team ding dong for 19 to 190.

Congratulations, team Honk of winners of the Second Never Identity at the Center Identropy Family Feud. Want to thank everyone for playing. I want to thank everyone for listening at home. It's time to go to the beach. So we'll talk you guys on the next one.




Jim McDonald & Jeff Steadman

Jim McDonald & Jeff Steadman

Jim McDonald is a professional with over 15 years leading teams through business-critical technology initiatives. Technical Strategist, Leader and Champion of Change with history of crossing organizational boundaries, cultivating strategic alliances and building consensus and alignment among diverse constituents to leverage IT as strategic asset and deliver solutions that rejuvenate and advance global business’ financial performance. Also as part of our advisory practice and with over fifteen years in the identity and access management space behind him, Jeff Steadman helps develop realistic IAM strategies and provide vendor agnostic recommendations to move the needle on IAM maturity for organizations large and small.