Listen to Identropy's Jim McDonald and Jeff Steadman on their podcast at "Identity at the Center".



Both Jeff and Jim have over a decade of experience in the Identity & Access Management space and guide companies on their IAM Program journey through Identropy's Advisory Services arm.



On this episode, Strategists Jim and Jeff talk about Warshipping, US military CAC’s on the way out, and how to identify Deepfakes... all topics of discussion brought to the table by Jeff who has his boots on the ground at the annual Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.



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Jim McDonald & Jeff Steadman

Jim McDonald & Jeff Steadman

Jim McDonald is a professional with over 10 years leading teams through business-critical technology initiatives. Technical Strategist, Leader and Champion of Change with history of crossing organizational boundaries, cultivating strategic alliances and building consensus and alignment among diverse constituents to leverage IT as strategic asset and deliver solutions that rejuvenate and advance global business’ financial performance. Also as part of our advisory practice and with over fifteen years in the identity and access management space behind him, Jeff Steadman helps develop realistic IAM strategies and provide vendor agnostic recommendations to move the needle on IAM maturity for organizations large and small.