Gartner published its
Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) on February 22, 2017 and identified SailPoint as the clear leader in the IGA space. Gartner considers Oracle, CA and IBM as runners up.

This is the second year in a row that SailPoint is the only “best of breed” solution in the Leader Quadrant. Although that is very significant, from Identropy’s point of view, the most important sentence in Gartner’s analysis was this one:

“SailPoint recently launched its open identity platform, offering a plug-in ecosystem for integration with other products from technology partners, such as multiple PAM and ITSSM solutions.”

Identropy has been in the business of implementing IGA solutions for over ten years. Our business revolves around helping clients plan and build identity programs, from integrating various solutions to managing them. Our advisory services are vendor neutral and we have partnered with several “best of breed” technology vendors over the years in order to provide the most fit-for-purpose solutions to our clients.

The IGA Leader Quadrant

In the last two years, all our partners but SailPoint have dropped from the MQ leader quadrant, meanwhile SailPoint's solution has evolved into a platform changing our vision and re-energizing our mission to help customers enable their businesses while enhancing their security posture.

Gartner determines its leaders based on the vendors “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision.” SailPoint has a 95% customer satisfaction rate and over 98% customer retention rate. In a space that has historically been plagued with unfulfilled promises and failed implementations, these numbers are quite remarkable. They also match our experience.

At this moment, Identropy has 15 projects in flight with SailPoint and all 15 of them have a “green” status. This means that we are on schedule and under budget. Today, our customer satisfaction rate in our SailPoint practice is the brightest spot in our business and represents the greatest opportunity we have seen over the past ten years.

Enabling the Business, Securing the Enterprise

Organizations are in the midst of a digital transformation that elevates the identity discussion into strategic, boardroom considerations. Our recent success with SailPoint puts us in a position to capitalize on and accelerate this trend.

CSOs, CIOs and even CEOs are becoming increasingly aware of the role that IGA plays in preventing data breaches. Funds are flowing from traditional, “threat” or “perimeter based” solutions towards Identity projects. This is forcing the IGA industry to evolve to pick up where perimeter solutions leave off. For Identity solutions to be foundational to an organization’s digital transformation initiatives, they must play a broader and more meaningful role.

SailPoint’s evolution from an IGA application vendor to an IGA platform solution lays the foundation for this to happen. SailPoint’s “well-functioning and large partner network,” as Gartner describes it, will need to play a significant role in helping SailPoint deliver broader value.  At Identropy, one of SailPoint’s most nimble partners, we recognize this and are investing heavily in helping the leader succeed with their identity-as-a-platform strategy.

SailPoint's Identity Platform

Identropy began investing in developing solutions around SailPoint Identity Platform about a year ago when we became the first consulting services firm to be a member of SailPoint’s Identity + Alliance. It gave us the ability to develop technology add-ons on top of the SailPoint platform. We quickly delivered two integration plugins, “Log Notify” and “Task Notify.” We then moved on to build a Privileged Access Management (PAM) integration module that significantly improves the business process around managing service account passwords. We are now embarking on enriching identity data with information from User Behavior Analytics (UBA) solutions. UBA solutions monitor user behavior and compare that behavior to an user’s peer group. They assign risk scores to users and their behavior and report on them. Our next integration will allow our SailPoint clients to consume this information into the SailPoint platform and make this information actionable via policies. If a user’s behavior reaches a certain risk score, he might be forced to reset his password or we might ask him to use a second factor of authentication. In critical situations, that user’s access may just be disabled. UBA plugins enhance SailPoint’s reporting capabilities and are freely available to the community via the SailPoint website. 

Another use case we are considering is an integration with a database of compromised credentials. Imagine regularly checking the database for users that have had their credentials compromised or who use the same password for multiple sites and adjusting the users risk score accordingly and then acting based on that information.

These are just a few of the use cases we are looking for clients to partner with us to prioritize. By working with clients focused on delivering business value we can move past helping them evaluate the nuanced technical advantages of one solution over the other and we can begin to work with them to expand the value of their identity program.

Become More Competitive

Rather than discussions around which interface is prettier or how a solution handles nested workflows or how many angels dance on the head of a pin, we can have discussions about the existing security solutions they have in place and how we can leverage those solutions to enrich their identity data. Enriching our client’s identity data will help them become more competitive in the market place and more secure from the risk of data breaches.

Over the course of the next several weeks and months, we will further outline our vision, our focused use cases and their value proposition. For now, our recommendation is for enterprise IGA professionals to change their mindset from one of evaluating competing IGA vendor solutions towards one of deploying an IGA platform which can serve as a foundation to deliver next level IGA and security solutions to the enterprise.

If you are interested in learning more about our approach, the SailPoint IGA platform and how we might be of assistance to you and your organization, please drop me a note at Let’s get to work.

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Luis Almeida

Luis Almeida

Luis Almeida is the Director of Business Development at Identropy. He finds helping customers build their IAM program, select a vendor that is best suited for their needs and then helping them run their program to be tremendously rewarding.