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Part 2 of a 2-part ForgeRock video in which we show you how OpenIDM can be used to manage Active Directory accounts. This video focuses on the configuration needed to make the IDM server connect to and work with the connector server setup in Part 1.
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This is part 1 of a 2-part ForgeRock video illustrating how OpenIDM, through the use of an OpenICF connector server, can connect to and manage accounts within Active Directory.
This live demonstration introduces the Identropy's end-user interface for OpenIDM. We created it to give our clients a "jump-start" on their OpenIDM deployments. The Identropy User Experience (IUX) was developed using modern web design principles. The IUX uses responsive design meaning it optimizes its layout based on the device being used. 
This demonstration highlights the flexibility of ForgeRock OpenIDM's data model and integration capabilities in the context of an Internet connected device portal. A custom UI is deployed on OpenIDM that is a simple device management portal in which a user registers a new device they have acquired. The device for the purposes of the demonstration is a Nest like "virtual" household thermostat. ...
In this video, we will show you how to model your data within OpenIDM. Data is critical to identity systems and having the proper structure ensures stability and efficiency, which leads to reliable and responsive systems.
In this ForgeRock D.I.Y. tutorial, we will show you how to configure OpenIDM to use MySQL as the backend repository to replace the default OrientDB.
Security Event Dashboard for OpenAM using ELK Stack This is a simple demo showing a Kibana dashboard, which reports on OpenAM authentication events.  A script is executed that generates global traffic to OpenAM, Logstash consolidates and then processes the events prior to storing in Elasticsearch and then the Kibana dashboard allows monitoring of security related events.  
I just returned from the first annual ForgeRock Open IAM Stack Summit (@ForgeRock #ois13 for those on Twitter). It was held in beautiful and rustic Pacific Grove, CA. I made a lot of new friends and was refreshed by the vision of Open Identity. The progress that ForgeRock and the community are making with the Open Identity Stack is creating a viable alternative to the big boys.