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For many years now, the Identirati have talked about the many reasons why Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects fail. Close to three years ago, we created our top ten pitfalls of an IAM initiative, which was the precursor to our advisory services business.
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Part 1 and Part 2 describe the evolution of our thought process as we become an IDaaS solution provider. In part 3 I provide the two more lessons that have helped us shape our approach. Do you really need to be that unique?
In part 1, I started by sharing two important lessons in our journey to becoming an IDaaS solution provider, namely avoid Cloudwashing and don’t forget about the on-prem apps. In part 2, we will focus on two additional lessons. Start with identity, not with SSO In  several occasions before, I have stated that Single Sign-On (SSO) should be the by-product of doing identity and access management ...
Over a year ago, Nishant Kaushik, our Chief Architect and well-known identirati, posted a blog, which I think is very relevant today. It focused on the notion that in order to truly accelerate identity management (IDM) deployments, effectively reducing customer’s time-to-value (TTV), one needs to focus on a limited set of use cases, and optimize the solution for a well-defined user audience.
Part 1 of this 2-part article depicted the “typical” Enterprise IAM environment and contrasted it against a cloud-based IT environment, making the case that they look like mirror images of each other.  In part 2, we will discuss some of the specific challenges that the cloud-based IT environment presents, as they relate to IAM.
At the tune of the legendary Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”:
Happy 2011 everyone. Best wishes in this New Year. May this year bring you closer to your dreams and goals.
2010 has been a very eventful year for identity.   It has been a solid year chock full of M&A activity and innovations – all good signs that Identity and Access Management (IAM) continues to be a vibrant and relevant space in the information security market.  Below are some rants on my perspective of the events in IAM in 2010.
Earlier this week, Identropy hosted its very first Fedex Day.  Instead of our normal quarterly meeting, we decided to add a twist a la Atlassian's Fedex Day.