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At Identropy, we’ve implemented more SailPoint Projects than we can count. Unfortunately, many are rescue missions (where previous technologists could have done a better job) – and the first thing our technical team performs is a 9-point health check. GET IT HERE
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We've scoped more Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) Projects than we can count. Naturally, we decided to share a DIY guide with the community for free - so you can get the process going on your own! GET IT HERE
Are you about to embark on a journey in the world of Identity? Or are you looking to atone for past IAM or IAG sins? If so, once you have an IAM Roadmap in place, one of the first steps we recommend our customers to thoroughly think through is IAM Roles & Responsibilities. In general, there are 5 bodies a good identity program will assemble: an IAM Advisory Committee, IAM Project Team, IAM Core ...
As technology becomes increasingly important to corporate success, so does the value of managing access to resources. Creating effective and intuitive IAM services that make it easy for the business to obtain the required access in a safe and secure manner can minimize the complexities associated with IAM.
What is missing from most IAM roadmaps?