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Planning an Identity Access Management (IAM) deployment can be tricky - in large part because of the interactions between applications, platforms, and the IAM system. One of the tools we use to plan our IAM initiatives is the IAM sequence diagram. The sequence diagram captures the steps in a workflow and indicates which systems are responsible for each action. This can be super valuable when it comes to communicating what system will be responsible for what.
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I consider a Zero-Password Enterprise to be one in which the end user does not have to remember or be prompted for additiona l passwords for each of the applications she is accessing. Rather, the user is authenticated by a primary authentication authority which acts as the main identity provider. Ideally, this primary authentication authority employs a multi-factor authentication scheme (i.e. ...
There is a lot of talk today about the API Economy. The vision of a vast universe of distributed business services that can be knit together on the fly to fulfill a broader business purpose is slowly but surely moving towards reality. In our world, this translates into APIs that can help facilitate Identity and Access Management (IAM) functions. This is the first of a short series of posts that ...
What is missing from most IAM roadmaps?
It is very unusual to see the term “business differentiation” being used in the world of Identity and Access Management (IAM), but working with a customer recently, business differentiation was the very topic of our conversation; and yes, it was in the context of IAM – hard to believe, right?
Last week, I co-presented during the NJ-DV HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Fall Conference 2011 in Atlantic City, alongside my friend François Bodhuin, Technology Director at South Jersey Healthcare.
“The Importance of Planning an Identity Management Strategy in Healthcare - A Case Study at South Jersey Healthcare” is the title of the session that I will be co-presenting with François Bodhuin, Technology Director at South Jersey Healthcare, during the NJ-DV HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Fall Conference.
As we continue to evolve our advisory services offerings, namely our Kickstart program, we recognize that, in addition to helping clients figure out their Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategic roadmap, governance model, and implementation approach, our customers increasingly look to us for advice about best practices and practical advice on how they can improve the success of their IAM ...
Happy 2011 everyone. Best wishes in this New Year. May this year bring you closer to your dreams and goals.