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How Can Machine Learning and Identity Management Contribute to your Cyber Security Program?
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Many of us know a friend or family member that has been stuck in a marriage that seems to be going nowhere. The couple stays together for the kids or for financial reasons or simply due to inertia. For many, this is an acceptable situation and it works for them. Others choose to revisit their marriage, face the truth and embark on a journey to create new life for themselves.
It is very unusual to see the term “business differentiation” being used in the world of Identity and Access Management (IAM), but working with a customer recently, business differentiation was the very topic of our conversation; and yes, it was in the context of IAM – hard to believe, right?
Happy 2011 everyone. Best wishes in this New Year. May this year bring you closer to your dreams and goals.
Identropy adds a new offering as part of its well-known Advisory Services: the Identropy IAM Primer Series.  This offering not only provides access to Identropy's IAM best practices library, but also provides direct access to an Identropy IAM professional.
For some time now, we have been talking about identity activity monitoring. I alluded to it in a previous blog post. I will elaborate on it here.
In this 2-part article, I hope to explain the importance of identity assurance in everyday life. I will first level set on terms and definitions in part 1, and then illustrate with real-life examples in part 2.
First off, I would like to express my sympathy to victims of the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti. I can only wish that the rescue and recovery efforts yield positive results.