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How Can Machine Learning and Identity Management Contribute to your Cyber Security Program?
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Many of us know a friend or family member that has been stuck in a marriage that seems to be going nowhere. The couple stays together for the kids or for financial reasons or simply due to inertia. For many, this is an acceptable situation and it works for them. Others choose to revisit their marriage, face the truth and embark on a journey to create new life for themselves.
As regular readers of this blog already know, we greatly and unapologetically value the importance of culture here at Identropy. We believe that culture, cultivated seriously, can be the most phenomenal growth engine within a company. And the right kind of culture can deeply connect every team member with the broader mission of the company and drive outsized achievement. We work hard on the ...
Today is International Women’s Day, a day when people the world over are celebrating the amazing achievements of women while also highlighting the gender inequalities that still exist. International Women's Day was born out of a long-standing movement to enable women to participate equally in society. The sad truth is that we still have a long way to go. And this is particularly visible in the ...
Little Ferry, NJ – Ranjeet Vidwans, a well-known and successful executive in the Identity & Access Management space, joins Identropy as Vice President of Sales & Business Development to accelerate Identropy’s traction in the cloud identity services market.