Olympics_and_IAM_Program.jpgWhat comes to mind when I picture an Olympic athlete?

  • Commitment
  • Conditioning
  • Repetition

An Olympian is committed to their specialty, continually conditioning their mind and body to optimize performance, and repeating their actions again and again to achieve as close to perfection as possible.

I liken this with preparing for an IAM implementation.

What a Successful IAM Program Requires

A successful IAM program requires a commitment to ensuring the right people have the right access to the right resource and are doing the right things with the access.

This requires conditioning – having accurate and consistent data available to execute tasks whether they are manual or automated.

And, repetition – having defined policies and standard operating procedures that can be used again and again to achieve the same result.

Most customers want to vault off the horse in choosing a solution for automation, but what makes IAM successful is having the right foundation – a commitment to a program and providing the right access, accurate and reliable data, and documented processes that account for a majority of the user population rather than exceptions.  

With these three components, you can begin your Olympic IAM trials, which consists of the following:

Go for Gold

One day with a lot of patience and determination you’ll get your IAM program a gold.

That day comes sooner for those that have the commitment to be successful, the conditioning to make their plans reality, and the good governance to repeat their successes.

Like a good trainer, we are in your corner and here to help you achieve gold with your IAM program. Click here for more information.

Requirements & Use Case Definition

Jaime Lewis-Gross

Jaime Lewis-Gross

Jaime is the Director of IAM Strategy for Identropy, a leader in innovative consulting services for IAG and Cloud Security. She is an experienced information technology professional with more than 10 years of experience consulting and deploying Core Security (formerly Courion Corporation) solutions for hundreds of customers including Walgreens, SC Johnson and AIG. Jaime has 15 years of enterprise software consulting experience with a focus on interpreting client requirements and developing unique strategies that guide her buyers through workshop discussions, business case development and final integration of technology.