Holistic_Security_Approach.jpgMany events, current and otherwise, have changed the way we look at security.

From the recent Panama Papers scandal to companies investing considerable assets into security (Microsoft being one, who’s invested $1 billion from 2014-2015), it’s obvious there’s a need to integrate strategies throughout an entire enterprise, and not just patches.

This is where holistic security comes in. Rather than having different layers of security, a holistic strategy is the concept of integrating people and security into a fully connected, communicable interface.

In other words, it advocates different areas of security being able to talk to each other, rather than being isolated by department. But like any security initiative, a holistic approach cannot fully perform without aid from people as an organized effort.

Here are some reasons below as to why taking a holistic approach can help your enterprise:

A Closer Look at Your Security Program

By exploring other avenues for improving your security, it forces you to take a long, hard look at what you already have (or don’t have).

Most likely, you and other employees are well aware of security holes that may exist, or processes that aren’t securely integrated or able to talk to one another. Encourage an open forum in which employees can speak up about this, without fear of punishment.

Doing so will fuel the process to be all-encompassing, rather than just with higher-ups or a specific department.

Change the Way Your Company Thinks About Security

As we’ve mentioned already, security (and identity and access management, or IAM, for that matter) can’t be fully realized without cooperation and understanding from your employees. Connecting your security doesn’t happen without your people being on the same page. From there, a holistic approach will harmonize communications with your operations.

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Using a metaphor such as covering your enterprise in an entire blanket of security, rather than a quilt with holes in it, can help to jumpstart your employees to take a different angle when looking at security.

Advisory & Threat Intelligence

Although it’s great to respond to threats, do you have processes in place to protect and detect against them? This can greatly mitigate the impact of a threat that bleeds through because of a security hole or oversight.

An advisory team can be a valuable resource to put holistic approaches into practice in your enterprise--and such a team can bolster threat intelligence, where certain suspicious behavior can get flagged and reviewed quicker than if it wasn’t in place.

A Concept you can Count on

Many enterprises do business on a worldwide scale--this opens up a wide scope for threats to enter (or to come from within). You can’t afford for a data center across the country to go down, which in turn screeches your employees’ work to a halt.

There are many ways to put a holistic security approach into practice in your enterprise; are you ready to protect your company’s information? See how an IAM strategy can unify your operations and get your enterprise on the road to secure deployment!

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