Identity_Management_for_Healthcare.jpgThe healthcare industry has been riddled with security and HIPAA breaches, especially since electronic medical records have become a major contender and requirement in more and more doctor’s offices.

With this increased need for security has come a demand for better identity management.

As noted by the Electronic Health Reporter, Vice President of healthcare for LexisNexis Harry Jordan has said the most important question is not “Who are you?” but  “What do we need to know about you?”

All of this boils down to the need for quicker access to patient data, while also keeping their information safe. The answer as to how this can be achieved? Proper identity management.

Issues in Today’s Healthcare

Whether you’re in a hospital, doctor’s office, or urgent clinic, there are hundreds of people that come in and out of the doors every single day.

Taking care of them is one thing--but being bogged down with 5 different logins and passwords to keep track of on top of that can make accomplishing anything in a day nearly impossible.

This is a revolving issue in today’s healthcare landscape, as well as:

  • Not knowing what lifecycle stage users are in
  • The need for effective governance
  • Poor user experience for staff
  • Multiple login points, creating multiple users and passwords
  • Outdated software

Having a streamlined strategy and systematic approach to how you handle identity management will help you and your staff provide the best care possible.

There is a Better Way

Clearly there’s a need for better processes and identity and access management (IAM) initiatives in healthcare. But it can be hard to know where to start.

Some goals of an IAM program include improving the governance and user experience of your systems and processes.

This can save time--and if you were able to get 2 seconds back for every patient, that could amount to minutes, and dare we say, even hours of your time on a daily basis, would you do it?

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An IAM Roadmap to The Rescue

By having a plan in motion and a roadmap to deploy, you can streamline all of your healthcare processes and save time and money while doing it. You can also acquire the right technologies for what you need, coupled with the right blend of expertise and assistance.

We have a case study that explores issues a healthcare organization went through, and how our advisory services earned senior level buy-in and helped them navigate a multi-year IAM roadmap. To learn more, we invite you to click the link below:

Healthcare Case Study



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