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Efficiently maintaining your IAM infrastructure and ensuring that operations are optimized once implementation has been completed is not a case of “set and forget.” Identropy has developed a series of cost-effective and flexible training courses to facilitate skills transfer and ensure that your IAM team has the knowledge they need to take ownership of a new implementation.

Identropy’s Mobile Classroom education and access certification services offering enables you to bring the training right to your facility through a virtualized session. We can work around your other business priorities and implementation schedules to deliver the training at just the right time.

The Identropy Mobile Classroom provides the training machines, instructor and lab materials; you provide the room and the students.

Access Management Project and Knowledge Transfer


  • Flexible: you choose the best time and the location to train your team
  • Time Efficient: Students do not have to travel any further than usual
  • Cost Control: You have control over costs with pricing based on class size, duration and complexity
  • Cost-Efficient: Cost of travelling and accommodation are eliminated for each student
  • Lower Training Costs: Save 30% - 60% off the price of sending your entire team to standard public scheduled courses
  • Minimized Downtime and Increased Productivity: Critical staff remain on site available to complete those important pending tasks
  • Consistent Learning Experience: Training enables every student to have the same consistent learning experience and can support each other
  • Better Results: Your team gains the specific skills they need for your IAM project, reinforced via hands-on labs to maximize the learning experience
Mark Anthony
Assistant Manager at Verizon
They were very personable and never avoided any questions we had after the initial engagement.  We were so impressed with them we decided to have them continue working with us in standing up our new IAM program and tools.  I would highly recommend them as their resources really know identity and access management and the industry tools inside and out.
Identropy Customer
I’ve had many engagements with Identropy’s executives and the one thing that comes to mind is their professionalism. The team always displays transparency while doing business and most of all you get an immediate feeling they are part of the team and want to succeed no matter the challenge. Hands down Identropy would be a company I would want to work for.

Mobile Classroom Data Sheet

Learn more about the differences of Identropy’s approach to training and knowledge transfer for IAM infrastructure caring and feeding.

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