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IAM/IGA Advisory Program

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Identity management is increasingly at the center of two major trends: better securing who gets access to which resources to minimize risk, and making sure that users have all the access they need to maximize business enablement.

Cost effectively and sustainably achieving those goals has eluded, and continues to elude many organizations - especially when technology decisions, business process and organizational structure are not tightly aligned.

Identropy provides a set of advisory services designed to deliver a pragmatic roadmap for managing the identity lifecycle based on real-world business requirements and internal dynamics - whether for employees, customers or IT administrators.



Moving from a set of practical, realistic recommendations based on in-depth review and assessment of the customer's internal processes, we provide all of the support the business and IT needs to develop strong internal sponsorship and guide them in the selection process of technology vendors.

The complexity of IAM functionality, integration snafus and implementation hurdles can often result in customers losing sight of what they want to achieve. Identropy’s industry knowledge and methodology are specifically designed to avoid these pitfalls.

Align IAM With Your Objectives

Our approach is to apply identity management principles and policy building blocks, especially roles and entitlements, to an organization’s specific set of use cases - while integrating the perspective and concerns of IT and application owners in our needs assessment and roadmap.

Vendor selection recommendations are driven by the outcome of the assessment and framed by deep product knowledge to ensure that implementation objectives are the first priority, rather than lofty or even misleading claims from the vendors themselves.

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