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Targeted at the intersection of business, identity and risk management, Identropy’s IAM Advisory Program is designed to deliver a roadmap in the context of specific business pain points and help executive sponsors navigate a practical and achievable strategy for their identity and access management challenges.


No two organizations will have identical business and security needs for managing the lifecycle of their users - whether employees, customers, contractors or IT administrators. Nor will they have the same technical requirements or point of departure for addressing identity and access management challenges.

This means that taking a one-size-fits-all approach or retrofitting unwieldy tools is a dead-end path.

Combining accumulated knowledge of practical deployment best practices with business consulting and process engineering methodologies, our consultants can help shape and orient your IAM roadmap to ensure it is in lockstep with the unique needs of your business.

By taking a “process first, technology second” approach, we ensure that we zero in on your core business requirements and then help you select and implement the appropriate technologies to address those needs.


Working from your current state of maturity and based on benchmarking capabilities in critical areas such as user onboarding, access provisioning, role definition and management, user experience and account provisioning lifecycle, the IAM Advisory Program allows clients to easily pinpoint areas of elevated risk as well as focus in on quick wins that can help propel identity and access management initiatives.

The Identropy team provides a set of detailed recommendations on how to advance IAM programs along the maturity path, based on the accumulated experience of over 250 implementations, as well as a project plan that defines scope, priorities and sequencing for the roadmap.

Mark Anthony
Assistant Manager at Verizon
They were very personable and never avoided any questions we had after the initial engagement.  We were so impressed with them we decided to have them continue working with us in standing up our new IAM program and tools.  I would highly recommend them as their resources really know identity and access management and the industry tools inside and out.
Identropy Customer
I’ve had many engagements with Identropy’s executives and the one thing that comes to mind is their professionalism. The team always displays transparency while doing business and most of all you get an immediate feeling they are part of the team and want to succeed no matter the challenge. Hands down Identropy would be a company I would want to work for.

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