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Learn more about how a structured approach to role management can help your business implement a sustainable role governance strategy  

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Role-based access control is the cornerstone of identity access management processes and policies. Ideally, well-defined roles underpin processes like seamless onboarding of new users and applications and ensure that data and role entitlements and authorizations are minimizing, not elevating, overall access risk.

However, as organizations look to transform IAM from a tool to improve operational efficiency to a data governance framework, they often struggle with the complexities of the technology and translating directives from the business, such as: “Oh, just give her whatever Joe used to have.”


The difficulty of mapping the user to roles and entitlements based on vague business parameters is now further exacerbated by the broad adoption of SaaS applications - putting the onus on application owners to define roles and complicating the question of who should get access to what.  

Having encountered these challenges time and again, the Identropy team has developed a specialized advisory offering centered around building and maintaining sustainable role and entitlement management programs. As part of this specialized engagement, we work with you to determine the best way to structure your roles and entitlements and work with your key business stakeholders to develop business-friendly definitions and processes to drive compliance and efficiency for everyone.

With access risk becoming a key information security concern, Identropy will help you:

  • Work with your key stakeholders from application owners to information security and risk and compliance to determine what access is really needed as the foundation for role management processes
  • Develop a custom role model specific to your organization that is easily digestible and presented using business friendly terms
  • Develop an appropriate model for sustainable deployment of roles across your organization that incorporates both ‘birthright’ roles when a user is onboarded and provisioned, along with requestable roles when new applications are adopted.