Privileged Account Management



We all know the distinction between a right and privilege, but can you accurately identify (and manage) who has the rights to access which administrator and system privileged accounts in your environment? The question is not just an important one to answer to address compliance mandates or regulatory requirements. Access to privileged accounts, such as operating system root accounts, administrator shared accounts, domain server and database systems accounts, has become one of the most prevalent vectors for data breaches and insider attacks.

Without visibility into where your privileged accounts are, who has access to them, and which systems and services they are associated with, organizations cannot effectively contain the risk that unmanaged privileged access represents.


By taking advantage of Identropy’s Privileged Access Management Advisory, customers gain visibility into the highest-risk privileged accounts in their environment and a structured, actionable roadmap to mitigate risk and improve compliance posture.

Our advisory service delivers valuable insights into which users have access to critical systems as well as an inventory of shared accounts across your infrastructure. Our team provides a set of recommended approaches to practically address key privileged access challenges as well as expertise in navigating what can be a confusing marketplace for PAM product offerings.


  1. Actionable insights based on the outcome of an analysis of the state of your environment and distribution of privileged accounts and their permissions
  2. Realistic assessment of the state of your organization’s privileged access capabilities and identification of both high risk accounts and low hanging fruit for risk mitigation
  3. A custom and actionable roadmap that can be executed against to “move the needle” to improve your privileged management services
  4. Independent guidance on budget and resource estimates to successfully implement and run effective privileged access management services
  5. A clear and targeted plan of action for an organization looking to improve their overall security posture
Mark Anthony
Assistant Manager at Verizon
They were very personable and never avoided any questions we had after the initial engagement.  We were so impressed with them we decided to have them continue working with us in standing up our new IAM program and tools.  I would highly recommend them as their resources really know identity and access management and the industry tools inside and out.
Identropy Customer
I’ve had many engagements with Identropy’s executives and the one thing that comes to mind is their professionalism. The team always displays transparency while doing business and most of all you get an immediate feeling they are part of the team and want to succeed no matter the challenge. Hands down Identropy would be a company I would want to work for.

Privileged Account Management Data Sheet

Learn more about how take control over the riskiest element of your IAM infrastructure - access to privileged accounts.

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