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The foundation to a successful and impactful IAM implementation is determining clearly defined use cases and objectives from the outset. With functionality and technicality requirements appropriately in scope and business objectives well understood, IAM professionals can more effectively frame discussions with both internal stakeholders and the vendor community - rather than have the process led by a product evaluation cycle.

Identropy’s Requirements and Use Case Definition Advisory is designed to deliver valuable insights into the most relevant requirements, dependencies and priorities for formulating an IAM approach and evaluating vendor offerings.   

Because IAM projects touch multiple points within an organization,  project requirements and objectives can be approached from multiple angles -  adding to the complexity involved with focusing on high priority use cases, managing internal expectations and appropriately allocating budget and resources.


Identropy’s Requirements and Use Case Definition advisory services helps customers take a broad perspective on requirements within the context of their business to better establish objectives and pinpoint where the greatest value for IAM implementation would lie.

One of the critical success factors for an IAM implementation is to have manageable implementation phases: knowing where to start and what technologies to assess is the first battle. Defining a first phase sets the standard by which vendors will be measured. It also defines for the technology vendors what problem they’re trying to solve, rather than have product functionality frame the process. This also allows vendors to put a product and maintenance proposal together that is targeted at your immediate needs, and provide a realistic view of the budget and investment priorities.

Benefits of Requirements
and Use Case Definition Advisory

The Identropy Advisory service focuses on business outcomes, not product capabilities, to ensure the following benefits:

  • Define the business value you want 
  • Quickly get to budgetary numbers, eliminating unnecessary time evaluating technology that you can't afford
  • Build consensus within your organization around IAM priorities.
  • Use the set of use cases and requirements as a yardstick with which you can measure vendors and their ability to meet your needs

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A good plan always needs clearly defined and prioritized use cases.

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