Risk Management

Our Vision


At Identropy, we combine expertise with empathy to help customers navigate Identity and Access Management complexity and execute Plan, Build and Run programs aligned with their strategic vision. As IAM has become an ever more critical element for enablement and risk management, Identropy has evolved lockstep over the past 10 years to emerge as a leading provider of innovative consulting services to simplify even the most complex challenges.

Our advisory team takes a business-centric, collaborative approach, applying a proven Plan methodology to the full scope of IAM challenges, extending from on-premise infrastructure to cloud based applications. Once we have taken a deep dive into our customer’s business and their technical challenges, we provide recommendations and provide all of the support the business and IT requires to develop strong internal sponsorship and guide them in the selection process of technology vendors.



Armed with a comprehensive Plan, our Build team then deploys the solution. Top engineering talent brings identity road maps to life by optimizing software and integrating the system into all of the other platforms customers use to do business.

After earning our customer’s trust in the Plan and Build stage, many of them rely on us to keep them running smoothly. To cater to this need, we’ve developed a Run offering that enables us to maintain and monitor to optimize access to all systems providing a secure and efficient path.


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