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Identropy’s Managed IAM Services can shine a bright spotlight on your infrastructure as it goes live, putting our expertise to work to help ensure availability and proactively monitor for performance, operational and workflow bottlenecks.

Distilling our experience from multiple implementations and product knowledge, the Identropy Managed IAM Services technicians focus on the most significant metrics and alert IAM engineers of potential issues before they impact availability, performance or business processes.

Through a dedicated dashboard and database management, customers have the ability to keep a finger on the pulse of their IAM infrastructure, and assess where potential risks or availability issues lie.

Based on insights gleaned from our unique monitoring approach, the Identropy team can more accurately perform root cause analysis and either remediate on infrastructure managed by Identropy or provide a plan of action.

The Managed IAM Services team also takes on the responsibility of keeping IAM systems current as new connectors are introduced and updates released.

Our Database Management and Managed IAM Services deliver the following:

Monitor and Alert

Our managed service monitoring hones in on the most relevant log and event sources for insight into the state of IAM systems. Thresholds are defined on a customer-specific basis, and all incoming events are processed through a correlation engine to identify potential issues before they start impacting your operational capability. If threshold conditions are exceeded, automatic alerts are sent out to your administrators and the Identropy response team.


Identropy’s response team will quickly ascertain the root cause of the issue, whether it lies on your end or on ours. Based on where the root cause lies, we will either correct the problem ourselves, or guide your team to where it lies so they can address the issue.

Maintain and Enhance

Above and beyond remediating real-time issues, Identropy also incorporates provisions for consulting work that can be used for enhancements such as optimizing workflows and deploying new connectors.

Measure and Improve

The Identropy Managed Service dashboard enables customers to track KPIs and metrics for managing your IAM infrastructure. The Identropy team provides monthly guidance on how to improve on actual service metrics and objectives. This improves the business performance of your IAM system with each passing month by reducing time to provision and de-provision, increasing your uptime, and reducing your operational risk.

Database Management & Managed IAM Data Sheet

Work with us for maximum database management in your IAM environment - learn more about expert monitoring, management, reporting and remediation of your infrastructure with our Managed IAM Data Sheet.

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