Cloud Identity


Cloud Identity (IDaaS)


Targeted at the intersection of business, identity and risk management, Identropy’s Cloud Identity (IDaaS) Management practice is designed to deliver targeted solutions in the context of specific business pain points.  We can help executive sponsors navigate and drive a practical and achievable strategy for their identity and access management challenges, whether on-premises or in the cloud.


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What is Cloud Identity?

In today's enterprise environments, cloud identity management can be seen as the next step or next generation of identity governance and access management solutions. It can also be seen as a combination of Identity as a Service and Enterprise Mobility Management. Traditional or legacy identity and access management solutions are designed to handle logins and user activities in a centralized location, on enterprise/proprietary applications, and on known endpoints. Cloud identity management differs from the traditional model in that it is optimized for integration across devices, operating systems, applications, locations and resources.
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"It has been a sincere pleasure working with your professional and knowledgable staff over the past couple years and I look forward to working with you all in the future on our Identity Roadmap!.


Preparing for Cloud Identity (IDaaS)



Cloud Identity Projects and Programs are very unique to each enterprise's needs. To successfully complete a Cloud Identity project, a strong emphasis on business processes is required in addition to securing the cooperation of key stakeholders. Read the documents below prior to evaluating technologies to help guide you in your selection process.



Identropy's Featured Cloud Identity Solutions



While Identropy has completed over 175+ projects in its history using every major technology, the key success factor involved selecting the right set of unique Cloud Identity solutions for each individual project based on its' specific needs.  Here are some technology solutions that have helped many of the organizations we serviced achieve success.




Why Identropy? Our Experience...


Identropy’s proven “Plan, Build, Run” approach has helped customers build and maintain successful identity management programs for over 10 years. Through our exclusive focus on Identity and Access Management and a combination of vendor-agnostic identity consulting and advisory services, deep domain and implementation expertise and flexible managed services capabilities, Identropy has pioneered the development of a model that balances business needs, security best practices and operational requirements.


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