Identity Governance & Administration


Identity Governance and Administration


Realizing the promise of Identity and Access Management technology is all too often bogged down in the complexities of implementation and integration pitfalls. Identropy’s laser focus on identity and access management translates into complete ownership of the deployment outcome. We have translated our accumulated deployment expertise into consistent best practice methodologies and toolsets to accelerate time to value.

We are your Identity Governance and Administration expert. We enable you to efficiently manage digital identities, securely and confidently.


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Business Value - Identity Governance and Administration

Identity Governance and Administration solutions help you answer key questions: Who has access to what resources? Who should have access? How is it being used?
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Mark Anthony
Assistant Manager at Verizon
They were very personable and never avoided any questions we had after the initial engagement.  We were so impressed with them we decided to have them continue working with us in standing up our new IAM program and tools.  I would highly recommend them as their resources really know identity and access management and the industry tools inside and out.


How to Start an Identity Governance and Administration Initiative

Identity Governance and Administration Projects and Programs are unique. To successfully complete an Identity Governance and Administration project, a strong emphasis on business processes is required in addition to securing the cooperation of key stakeholders. Read the documents below prior to evaluating technologies to help guide you in your selection process.




Identropy's SailPoint IGA Solution


While Identropy has completed over 100 Identity Governance and Administration projects in its history using every major technology, we have been the most successful utilizing SailPoint’s Identity Governance and Administration solution. Not only has SailPoint been the 5-year market leader according the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration, it also is the only platform with an open architecture, allowing for upgrade-safe plugins instead of customizations. Identropy has developed multiple plugins on the SailPoint platform for advanced integration scenarios.



Identropy’s Custom Connectors/Plugins for SailPoint


Due to Sailpoint’s unique upgrade-safe open architecture, Identropy has developed a number of plugins that are free to use (contact us for more information or download directly from SailPoint’s website). Our connectors connect Sailpoint to AWS Cognito, Azure AD Identity Protection Services, Sharepoint, Exabeam, Centrify and others. We also have custom connectors that can be used for enhanced logging and monitoring of SailPoint’s IIQ platform.


Why Identropy? Our Experience...


Identropy’s proven “Plan, Build, Run” approach has helped customers build and maintain successful identity management programs for over 10 years. Through our exclusive focus on Identity and Access Management and a combination of vendor-agnostic identity consulting and advisory services, deep domain and implementation expertise and flexible managed services capabilities, Identropy has pioneered the development of a model that balances business needs, security best practices and operational requirements.


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